White label domain for Feedback

Because the URL for accessing Feedback is client-facing, it’s common for customers to white label the domain.

A white label domain allows you to use your own domain name (feedback.example.com) instead of the default Pendo Feedback URL.

This article walks you through the steps for setting up a white label domain for Pendo Feedback.

Step 1: Send us your CNAME

Contact Pendo Support to provide us with your CNAME (Canonical Name) so that we can add it to our CNAME record.

The CNAME is the domain name (https://feedback.example.com) that maps your subdomain to a location.

Wait for Pendo Support to send you a CNAME entry to add to your DNS record.

Step 2: Set up your DNS records

Send the CNAME entry to your network administrator to set up your DNS CNAME record. Let us know when your network administrator has set up your DNS records.

Note: We use Let’s Encrypt certificates for our white label domains. Your CNAME must be set up to allow Let’s Encrypt certificates.

We then check your DNS records and activate your white label domain. We let you know when we’ve completed this part of the set up.

After this, you’ll be able to use your own URL (https://feedback.example.com). You won’t be able to log in at the general Feedback URL. Any users that try to use the old URL are redirected to your CNAME.