Even Distribution for NPS in Pendo

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Even distribution allows your team to receive a constant flow of data throughout your desired recurrence. When it’s enabled, Pendo automatically assigns a 14-day window to each user during which they can see a guide. The 14-day window is assigned uniformly, randomly, or distributed by visitorID.

You can enable Even Distribution at any time in the Schedule section when editing your existing survey. If you have already published your NPS guide, Pendo recalculates in the background to help smooth out users who haven’t seen your survey yet.

After Even Distribution is set, the distribution cycle continues to operate, even when the NPS is in Draft, Staging or Disabled status, until Even Distribution is turned off. While the NPS and email backup is only delivered when the NPS survey is set to Public, depending on when and how often you set the NPS to Public and back to Draft, this may result in some visitors receiving NPS backup emails very shortly after the NPS is set to Public if they did not interact with the NPS guide in-app.

Example Scenario

How many users will see the NPS Guide with the following settings:

  • Even distribution enabled
  • Recurrence set to every 90 days
  • Currently have 10,000 eligible users and 100% of them log in every single day

Once Even Distribution is enabled for your NPS survey, Pendo assigns each visitor randomly to a 14-day window when the user can see it. On the first day of your 90-day recurrence period, approximately 15.5% of your targeted segment are eligible to see the guide. Then, approximately 1.1% users of the segment become eligible each subsequent day. 

Note: Percentages are an approximate value of the randomization. Randomization is similar to Pendo’s sample group feature.

Based on an example of 10,000 eligible users using a 90-day recurrence, this means you expect to see around 1,550 visitors on the first day. The whole 15.5% become eligible at once on the first day, producing a noticeable bump, especially if your target segment contains highly engaged users. Then around 110 users are eligible each day through day 90, so over time you should see smooth presentation.


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