Visitor Engagement Email

What is the visitor engagement email?

In a few clicks you can send a 100% personalized email to each of your Visitors, encouraging them to use Pendo Feedback and improving the amount and quality of your feedback data. It’s also a great way to ask Visitors to review their priorities, highlight progress you have made and show what you are currently working on.

What information is sent to my Visitors?

The engagement email includes:

  • Recent releases
  • Requests you are currently gathering feedback on
  • The Visitor's current priorities

How do I send a visitor engagement email?

Click "Accounts" in the left-hand navigation.


Click the “Engage More Visitors” button.


This opens a pop-up.

Click the button that says "Compose an email for all Visitors".


You can now customize certain aspects of the email.


You can edit:

  • The subject
  • The header
  • The footer

The body of the email will be automatically populated with the latest requests, priorities, and releases, personalized to each Visitor.

You can also choose how many days of release news are included in the email.


Before you send, you are able to preview the email and make sure that it's ready to go.


Once you're happy, click the "Send Email" button and your email will go out to all your Visitors.

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