Syncing Account Level NPS Scores to Salesforce

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Using the Pendo Salesforce Integration it is possible to set up an account report that will push aggregated NPS scores to a field in your Salesforce instance. In order to sync the score to Salesforce, the account report will need to include a column that contains the NPS Score for the NPS survey that you would like to push the results for. You will also need a corresponding field in the Salesforce object that you are syncing account-level data. After setting the SFDC sync settings for the report you should see the scores sync after the next scheduled sync. 

Note: Aggregated NPS scores on the account level represent a percentage score for the NPS results across the account ranging from -100 (all detractors) to 100 (all promoters). When exporting the score Pendo converts the percentage score to an integer on a scale of -1 to 1.