Troubleshoot: Salesforce Integration


This article contains FAQs and troubleshooting tips for the Pendo and Salesforce Integration. This article assumes the reader has read/write access in Salesforce and is familiar with navigating SF.

Setup and Test Mapping

No matches found when I test my mapping


This is usually due to a poor 1-to-1 connector. The Salesforce integration expects these values to be identical in SF and Pendo. You can check this by cross-referencing your chosen selector in Pendo and in Salesforce for a specific visitor.

Example of 1-to-1 connector:


For example, pull up a visitor in Pendo and a contact in Salesforce and compare your chosen selector in both applications. Do they match as expected?

Example of visitor id in Pendo:


Example of visitor id in SF:


You may be using a field other than Visitor ID to make a connection. That's ok as long as the values match as expected.

I'm going through the 'Setup Mapping' process, but I don't see the Salesforce field I created as the 1:1 connector. Why is that?

This can happen if:

- The Salesforce field you're hoping to connect with is an unsupported data type. You can read more about our supported data types in our Salesforce Integration FAQ article.

- If the field name for the Salesforce field starts with "Pendo_". Field names prepended with “Pendo_” will only be recognized in Visitor/Account reports used for the Salesforce Push (pushing Pendo data to Salesforce). "Pendo_" prepended fields will not be recognized in the 'Setup and Test Mapping' area. Try removing "Pendo_" from the beginning of the field name and see if it shows as expected.

Pick Fields to Add to Pendo

I've noticed that some fields are not being pulled in and are not available to be selected for integration. Are there certain fields that cannot be pulled from salesforce into Pendo?


This usually happens if you're trying to pull in a field that has a data type that is not supported by Pendo. You can read more about our supported data types in our Salesforce Integration Article

Other Issues

For other issues check out our Salesforce Integration FAQ article.