No Click Events for tagged dropdown menu item

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This article provides guidance for when you've tagged a dropdown menu item element but aren't seeing any Click Events.

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We can't currently tag option and select HTML elements as Features in Pendo. This is because, when selected, these elements generate "change" events. Pendo only captures ‘click’, ‘focus’, and ‘load’ events. For more information on Pendo captured events, see this Glossary.


Check whether the dropdown menu is coded using option or select HTML elements. It isn't currently possible to tag option and select elements as Features in Pendo.

If you're unsure whether your dropdown menu uses option or select elements, you can check by right-clicking on the element in Google Chrome and selecting Inspect. Check the section of highlighted code in the browser developer tools, looking for the words "option" and "select".

For an example of this code, see the W3Schools' HTML <option> selected Attribute article.


If your site is an Option Select style dropdown, Pendo isn't able to track clicks on these dropdown menus because they can't send a click event through the browser. These are instead sent as a change event that Pendo can't latch onto. 

You can still track these interactions with a Track Event. For information about configuring Track Events, see the Track Events article.

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