Modify or delete a guide

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You can modify an existing guide or delete guides that are no longer relevant. 

Modify a guide

Modifying an active guide doesn't affect users who have already seen it. This means that the guide doesn't re-appear to users that have already seen it once changes are made.

If you want to re-display the guide to users, you must clear the guide data. This erases historical data for everyone in the guide segment. 

It's best practice to set the guide back to a “draft” or “stage” status if you need to make a change or update to the guide, even if it's a small or minor change like a typo.

When you move a guide back to Staged, it no longer displays in public, only appearing in your staging environment. When it's made public again, the segment of eligible Visitors then see the updated guide.

Note: This will not restart the guide metrics. If you want to clear the metrics, set your guide to Staged and select Clear guide data. This deletes the previous guide view metrics for all users.

For more information about Guides and clearing guide data, see the Guides Overview List and Clearing Guide Data articles. 


Delete a guide

Only Admins can delete guides. You can delete a single guide, or multiple guides, permanently, if you're sure that you won't need them again.

Note: If you no longer want your guide to be public but don't want to delete it, you can change the status to Disabled and save it for later use.

To delete guides:

  1. Select Guides from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. In your list of guides, select the checkbox next to the guide/s you want to delete, or to delete all the guides, select the checkbox in the table header, and select Delete.


  3. In the Delete Guides window, select Delete Selected Guides.



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