Pendo SAML signing certificate update: April 19, 2027

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Pendo's SAML signing certificate expired on April 28, 2022. A new certificate is available that expires on April 19, 2027.

SAML signing and encryption uses public keys (certificates) to verify data sent between the Identity Provider (IdP) and Pendo as the Service Provider (SP). You must acquire SAML certificates for your applications and update them before they expire.

We proactively update the certificate on our platform to ensure successful Pendo sign-ins for customers and users of SAML as their single sign-on (SSO) method. However, you might receive alerts or notifications from your IdP, depending on your configuration, to update the certification manually in your setup.

Follow the links to access the public certifications and the Pendo metadata file:

If you need assistance, contact Pendo Support with SAML Cert Update noted as the subject.

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