Using the Feedback Intercom Integration

NOTE: This doc explains what our Intercom integration does, and how to use it. If you need to set up the integration, head here.


Our Intercom integration effectively adds Pendo Feedback functionality directly into the Intercom chat widget, meaning your Visitors can provide feedback without ever having to leave the conversation.

This increases the amount of feedback you collect, and improves the quality of the data, all while ensuring your Visitors have a positive experience. It's a great way to add transparency into your product development process. 

You may need to introduce your visitors to Feedback when you chat to them through Intercom. There are some ideas on how to do that here.

The integration enables you to:

  1. Automate feedback collection using the Answer Bot
  2. Send a link to the suggest form
  3. Send a link to an existing request
  4. Enable your Visitors to update their priorities

1. Automating with Answer Bot

If you have set up your Answer Bot as described here, a lot of the work will be done for you. If a Visitor messages to say they have feedback, Answer Bot will automatically send a link to your feedback form in Feedback so they can submit their request without you having to ever reply to them.

2. Send a Link to the Suggest Form


Select the "Feedback apps" button at the bottom of your chat window. Then select the first option ("Ask customer to submit request"). This will send your Visitor a button with which they can access your feedback form and provide you with feedback.


3. Send an Existing Request to a Visitor

To enable your Visitors to view an existing request, click on the "Feedback apps" button at the bottom of your chat window.

Select the second option ("Search for a request") and you'll be prompted to search. Type in the name of the request you wish to send, and it will appear.


You can then select it and it will appear in the Intercom chat widget for your Visitor to click on and view. They can then vote for that request, or comment on it if they have any information to add.


4. Enable your Visitors to update their priorities

Your Visitors will be able to access the Pendo Feedback dashboard by clicking on the button (see use case 1) or clicking a link to an existing request (see use case 2).


Once your visitor has opened Pendo Feedback inside the Intercom chat window, they can click the hamburger menu at the top to be taken to their dashboard. 
They can then update their priorities and browse other requests.