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Pendo’s NPS for Microsoft Teams integration allows you to see real-time NPS responses directly in Teams. You can send notifications to the channel of your choice. Configure custom metadata into the messages for more informative summaries and take action on the responses.



Use Case

With this integration you'll have informative Pendo NPS Poll responses available automatically in Microsoft Teams channels.

  • If a user submits a score of 6 or lower on an NPS survey, create a message in the “Detractor Channel” to quickly address and escalate any users who are struggling to be successful
  • If a user provides an NPS score of 9 or 10, create a message in the “Promoter Channel” to share and ultimately amplify the user’s positive feedback 
  • Craft your message template to include other metadata (like usage) to provide a 360° customer view



  • Pendo Admin User
  • Microsoft Teams Admin User
  • Admin User
  • Technical Contact with access to Pendo,, and Teams - This can be can also be the Admin user for the different platforms
  • Active Subscription to Pendo Webhooks
  • Active Subscription to Microsoft Teams
  • Active Subscription - This functions as a connector and may include additional costs from


How To Enable Pendo NPS for Microsoft Teams

A representative from builds the connection between Pendo and Microsoft Teams during an Implementation process that takes approximately four weeks. This starts after account creation.

The Implementation uses your Pendo metadata and NPS Survey Webhook to make the connection with Microsoft Teams. These should be configured and active prior to beginning the Implementation.

Contact your Pendo Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager to make sure your Pendo subscription is ready to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

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