LogRocket Recipe: Spend less time triaging product issues & more time collaborating

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The ability to drive user adoption is critical to the success of any product. That is why LogRocket and Pendo have come together to provide you with unprecedented insight into your product. Pendo’s deep analytics across the product journey helps the product team identify bottlenecks, friction points in workflows, and drop-offs in task completion. Product and Engineering teams can then couple the information gathered from Pendo with the data and insight obtained from LogRocket metrics and front-end performance monitoring to spend more time on product usage and product expansion, and less time on triaging issues.  

LogRocket and Pendo give product and engineering teams a quantitative and qualitative understanding of user behavior. The collaboration gets to the heart of understanding how products are used and ensures that these teams know exactly what is needed to drive adoption. 

Ingredients you’ll need 

  • LogRocket deployed on your web application  
  • Pendo installed 
  • Add Javascript that sets the LogRocket session URL in Pendo metadata


  • Identify users having issues with your application using Pendo NPS, polls, usage data, and analytics and then easily jump over to the relevant LogRocket session recordings for analysis.
  • Watch your users’ journeys first-hand in LogRocket to better understand the experiences driving your analytics in Pendo. Add your defined Pendo features to LogRocket to gain context around end user behavior 
  • Immediately triage issues with LogRocket’s developer console and session replay. Then see how this information impacts usage analytics. 

Get Started

Step 1: Add the LogRocket to your application, via Javascript snippet or via NPM.  Then setup appropriately. 

Step 2: Add Pendo Javascript snippet to your application. Then setup appropriately. 

Step 3:  Within LogRocket, navigate to the Integrations page (within Settings) and click the Pendo logo.  You will need access to your Pendo Track Event Shared Secret (for more information, see here).  Using the Pendo agent/client, implement the code snippet provided with `LogRocket.getSessionURL()` in order to send session links from LogRocket to Pendo.

Step 4:  You will now be able to see links to specific LogRocket sessions as part of the Track Events section within Pendo.