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Core events are the key features, pages, and track events that drive value for your product. You can designate up to 10 tagged features, pages, or track events in each app to gain additional Insights and differentiate them from the rest of your product tags. Selected core events will be visible to everyone in the subscription. Setting up core events only takes a few minutes if the features, pages, and track events are already tagged. Consider which areas of your product are necessary to use it in a meaningful way or complete core workflows successfully, this could be an action like clicking "Follow", viewing a page with important information, or completing a workflow with a "Save" button.

The Set Up Core Events page shows a list of core events modules for all apps in the subscription. Each module contains the currently selected core events, a counter indicating how many core events are selected up to 10, and the selector for adding new core events to that app.


Learn More in the Using Core Events Overview



  • Only Admin Pendo users can add or remove core events
  • The app must have tagged features, pages, or track events to select as core events


Add a Core Event

1. Click Set Up Core Events in the top right corner of the Features, Pages, or Track Events pages. Both pages direct to the same Set Up Core Events page where all core events are managed.



2. Click Get Started with Core Events in the bottom right corner of the core events introduction to move on to the setup page.

  • The introduction page provides a high level overview of core events, their benefits, and how to identify your core events.




3. Find your app if you have a multi-app subscription.

  • Filter by All, Web, Mobile, or a specific app in the dropdown
  • Search by app name



4. Select a feature, page, or track event in the dropdown.

Type in the dropdown to search the list or scroll to find the feature, page, or track event. All tagged features, pages, and tracks events for the app will be in the dropdown list.



5. Click + Add to add it as a core event for this app.



6. Continue to select and add features, pages, or track events to add more core events.

  • To add core events for another app, find the core events module for that app on the Core Events Set Up page and add core events in that module.



Remove or Replace a Core Event

1. Find the app that contains the core event using the filter or search.

2. Find the core event in the core events list for that app.

3. Hover over the core event to show the Remove button.


4. Click Remove to remove the core event flag from this feature, page, or track event. The core event counter updates automatically to show the new number of selected core events.

  • This will only remove the feature, page, or track event from core events and the additional Insights available to core events. It does not change the tagged feature, page, or track event.

5. Replace the removed core event by adding a new core event.

  • If the app has 10 selected core events, a core event must be removed before a new core event can be added.
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