iOS SDK Manual Install


An alternative method to installing the SDK via CocoaPods, you can download and integrate the framework manually.


Manual Install

  1. Download the latest 2.x SDK framework from this link
  2. Unzip to extract the framework: Pendo.framework
  3. Copy Pendo.framework to your project's Frameworks directory by dragging the framework to your project. When prompted, check the option to "Copy items if needed"
  4. Under Build Phases > Link Binaries With Libraries, verify that Pendo.framework is listed
  5. Under General > Embedded Binaries, press the + sign and add Pendo.framework
  6. Under General > Deployment Target verify that the deployment target is set for 9.0 or later.
    Pendo only supports iOS 9.0 or later


Code signing .framework failed

There is a Unix shell script that will strip the framework of the Simulator architecture. Follow these instructions.