Adding Tags to Accounts

NOTE: You have the option to tag accounts automatically from the Pendo snippet. See more about how to set up auto-tagging here.

Why are account tags important?
Tagging accounts allows you to segment your reporting however you like. Some popular examples are tagging visitor accounts with their industry, location and growth potential. This will give you additional insights into the variations in feature demand based on the tags you choose.

How do I choose my account tags?

Think about which insights will be the most valuable for you and your business. For example:

  • Geographical location - does the location of your visitor account impact their needs? Good examples are the financial services and education sectors where external factors mean users in different locations will have very different demands on your SaaS product
  • Industry - SaaS companies serving users in multiple sectors find it helpful to understand the specific requirements of users in different industry segments
  • Growth potential - separating feedback and requests from key or strategic accounts means you understand the requirements and priorities of your most important users

Other examples:

  • Subscription plan
  • Contract length
  • Company size

How do I add tags to an Account?

Use the search bar at the top to find the account.

Alternatively, select "Accounts" from the left-hand navigation and then select the account you would like to add a tag to from the list.

Click in the "Tags" box and start typing to add your tags.

If the account has already been tagged, it will look like this:


The tags you type in will automatically be saved against that customer when you click outside the tag box.

It's also possible to group tags under a certain category. This allows you to see relevant tags next to each other on your Reports page, saving you the hassle of finding them from a large list.

To add the tag under a category, you need to enter it in the tags section as mentioned previously, but this time using the following format:


For example, if you wanted the 'Education' tag to be part of a category called 'Vertical', you would type in "Vertical: Education" into the tags section.

How do I use the account tags in the Reports?

Got to Reports on the left-hand navigation to access the relevant page.

You'll see the Report filters box on the right.

Click "Advanced" and scroll down until you reach the "Account filters" section.


This provides a list of categories with drop-down menus which then allow you to select a tag. Any tags not assigned to a category will be in the "Other" list at the bottom of this section.

Select the tags you need and your report will update to only include requests which have been tagged with those tags.