Adding Tags to Team Users

Why is this important?

Tagging team users enables you to filter down your data when it comes to reports, and to organize your team members depending on their role and other identifiers.

You can add tags to team users so that you can group them together depending on various attributes. Examples include:

  • Roles
    • Role: Sales Manager
    • Role: Marketing Assistant
  • Department
    • Department: Product Design
    • Department: Sales Engineering
  • Regions
    • Region: Europe
    • Country: India

How to Add Tags to a Team User

You will have the option to add tags to a team member's profile after you have invited them in to Pendo Feedback. Find the team member by searching for their name, or by going to Settings > Product Settings > Manage Team and then finding them in the list.

Once you're on their profile, you can add or edit tags for that user.

"Team tags" are designed for top level segmentation of your internal users, for example using Product, Sales, Customer Success, etc. "Tags" are more flexible and allow you to add tag categories as well. Both are entirely optional.


Be sure to click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

How to Use Team User Tags in Reports

If you want to focus on particular team members when it comes to reporting, then tags help you to do that.

Select "Reports" from the left-hand navigation.

Then select the "Internal SmartList" from the predefined reports on the right-hand side. Click "Advanced" and scroll down to "User Filters".


The "Team tags" described above appear in the "User Teams" drop-down menu. All other tags appear in "Other", or as defined by the tag categories you have set. (Read more on tag categories here.)

You can now add different filters to the report, depending on what you need to know. If, for example, you wanted to focus on what your Sales managers wanted, then you could add a filter to narrow down your data.