Pendo Event Data in BigQuery

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Pendo customers can request read-only access to their product event data in a Pendo-managed Google BigQuery instance. Pendo captures critical product event data at a granular level and makes it available for analytics, segmentation, and guide targeting. While the Pendo application is suitable for most use cases, sometimes it is desirable to have access to the entire record of every event with millisecond precision. This event data can then be combined with other data sources to drive critical business insights.

More information is available on the BigQuery integration page on the Pendo website.



  • Google Cloud subscription
  • BigQuery instance and a working knowledge of Google BigQuery
  • Pendo admin access
  • Third party connector tool - to extract event data from Pendo’s BigQuery instance, you will need a connector tool such as Tray or Zapier
  • Pendo integration key available for your subscription - contact your Pendo representative to add an additional integration key to your contract if necessary

Understanding the Data

Pendo pushes raw event data, collected by the Pendo agent or Pendo API, into BigQuery where it is available with read-only access. Data can be exported using a third-party connector, more information on this process is available in the Prepare Your Data for BI Visualization Tools article. 

Available Data

  • Pendo raw event data
  • Data is available in a rolling 90-day window (90 days prior to today)
  • Data provided is not aggregated and feature and page tagging is not applied
  • Detailed schema can be provided on request

Requesting Access

If you would like read-only access to your Pendo product event data in Google BigQuery, please contact your Pendo representative. They can help you add an additional integrations key to your subscription and facilitate the technical setup for BigQuery read-only access.