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Important: This feature is in open beta and will be gradually added to customers with multiple subscriptions. If you would like to get access to this feature earlier, contact your CSM.


The Organization Library is the central hub for sharing guide themes and layouts between subscriptions in the organization. The library helps to:

  • Shorten the time it takes to create guide assets by sharing them with multiple apps and subscriptions.

    • Org content managers can select a theme or layout in any subscription and make that content visible to individual subscriptions or all subscriptions in the organization. This capability allows content managers to easily share guide design components across your entire business.

  • Ensure brand consistency.

    • Guide creators see shared organization content when creating a new guide or modifying an existing guide. Shared themes are in the themes dropdown menu, and layouts appear in the organization layouts section with default and custom layouts.



  • Organization Settings access - Once this feature is enabled for you, Pendo assigns one or more of your users per your request with the ‘Org Admin’ permission
  • Org admin permission to manage organization settings:
    • Users with the Org-admin permission can access the organization settings, and assign other users with 'Org content manager' permission. 
    • Users assigned with Org-admin permission will see the Organization Settings option in Settings
    • Org Admin users can assign other users with the “Org content manager” permission through the Organization Settings > Users tab. See Organization Users for details on how to assign a role to users.
  • Org content manager permission to manage organization library:
    • Users with ‘Org content manager’ permissions can promote themes and layouts to the organization level, and determine which subscriptions can use them


Add a theme or layout to the Organization Library

Themes and layouts are added to the Organization Library using the same workflow in their respective tables. All custom themes and layouts in every subscription in the organization are available for sharing.

Note: The Organization Library currently only supports Subscription-level layouts and Pendo default layouts. Recommended layouts are not supported at this time.

Add content to the Organization Library in Organization Settings > Organization Library.

1. Select Add Themes or Add Layouts in the Organization Themes or Organization Layouts table.

2. Select the content you want to share. It's grouped by subscription in the dropdown menu or searchable. Click Select All to bulk share all themes or layouts in a subscription.

3. Select the subscription you want to share the content with. You can select multiple subscriptions or click Apply to all to bulk share.

4. Select Save to share the content with all selected subscriptions. Shared content is available immediately.



Manage shared organization themes or layouts

Shared organization content can be removed from subscriptions or shared with additional content.

Manage organization-shared content in Organization Settings > Organization Library.

1. Select the checkbox next to shared themes or layouts. You can select one or multiple to bulk edit sharing settings.

2. Select Manage Themes or Layouts.

3. Add additional subscriptions or remove subscriptions.

4. Select Save to update the subscriptions that can use the selected content. Changes update immediately.


Using shared organization themes and layouts

Guides creators in a subscription see shared organization content next to default and custom content in the subscription in an "organization" category, indicating that it has been shared.

Organization themes are available in the themes dropdown when creating a new guide or editing a guide step.

Organization layouts are available when selecting the first step of a new guide or adding an additional step in the Visual Design Studio.



Change the style of an Organization theme or layout

The styling for shared organization content is controlled in the original subscription where it was created. It cannot be edited at the Organization level. If you cannot access the original subscription, share the content with a subscription you can access, copy the theme or layout, and make changes locally in that subscription. After you make changes, you need to re-promote the edited theme or layout to the organization level and instruct your guide creators to use the updated one. You can delete the old theme/layout from the organization library. 


Changing organization theme styling

If you edit a theme at the Organization level in one of the subscriptions and then promote it to the Organization library, it receives a new ID, so it is not automatically applied to any guide. You need to delete the original theme and apply this new theme to the guides that were using the original theme.


Changing organization layout design

Layouts cannot be edited, but creating a new layout from an existing layout is simple and allows for version control. Create a guide using the shared layout in any subscription where it's available. Open the guide in the Visual Design Studio, make changes, and save the guide step as a layout. The new layout can be shared as a new Organization layout in the organization library.

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