Hybrid Mobile Applications

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Referring to Mobile applications with WebView components


Hybrid apps contain both - Mobile and Web components (e.g. WebViews) to load web pages inside an app.

Pendo supports these kinds of apps by integrating the Mobile SDK, to collect analytics and show guides for the Mobile parts, and also integrating the web installation snippet, to do the same for the web parts. 

You can view both streams of analytics on your Pendo subscription, but they will be split between the 2 different API keys, and user journeys will be treated as sequential but separate sessions. 


Important considerations

Despite the subscription being unified over the web and mobile applications, it is important to ensure Visitor IDs, Account IDs, and Metadata keys and values are the same across installations to avoid incoherent user journeys.

Metadata is also non-remanent, and the most recent value will overwrite the previous value.