Pendo Feedback Overview

Understanding feedback is critical for every business. Pendo Feedback empowers you to bring the voice of the customer into existing projects, ensures you're focusing your development efforts in the most impactful places, and improves the customer experience.

What is Pendo Feedback? 

Pendo Feedback is a product demand intelligence tool that helps you gather, analyze, filter, group, and respond to product input and requests in a single platform. With Feedback, you can:

  • Collect product Feedback at scale.
  • Analyze feature requests by customer segment.
  • Inform and prioritize your product development.
  • Close the loop with your internal teams and with your customers.

Use Feedback to streamline feedback collection, uncover feedback trends, identify product areas to improve, and validate which features and updates to release.

How does Feedback fit with Guides and Analytics?

Pendo Feedback offers you a more complete picture of the product experience by pairing qualitative user feedback with quantitative usage analytics from all areas of the product journey so that you know what to build next. 

Pendo Feedback is also a great way to supplement and inform your Guides. Use Feedback to gather and manage customer requests and use Guides to find out more during the research phase of your product development cycle.

One install script ("snippet") drives Guides, Analytics, and Feedback so that there is one product platform that provides all the insights. For information about the Pendo snippet, see the Developer's guide to installing Pendo and the Developer's guide to installing Feedback.

Where to start

Check out a demo or our interactive Self-Guided Tours to understand the basics. We also have Pendo Academy courses for:

Did you know.... 

You can use Pendo Feedback without giving your customers access? Many of our customers start using Feedback internally only.

You can raise requests and vote on behalf of your customers then allow them to submit their own requests when you're ready. Learn more about using Feedback internally only.

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