OAuth for Pendo Neighborhood

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Pendo admins can enable OAuth in subscription settings which allows Pendo users in the subscription to sign into Pendo Neighborhood events using their Pendo login credentials. This feature must be turned on for your users to use their Pendo credentials in our partner's apps.

Events are hosted using Bevy. Your users will be able to easily access Pendo webinars, quarterly customer forum, and more without having to create new accounts on other websites.



  • Pendo admin user to enable setting
  • Any Pendo user in the subscription to use OAuth


Turn on OAuth for Bevy

OAuth access for Pendo partners is in subscription settings.

1. Navigate to Subscription Settings.



2. Scroll down to OAuth apps and click the toggle to allow access to Bevy.



Sign into the Pendo Neighborhood with OAuth

After OAuth for Bevy is enabled, users can sign into the Pendo Neighborhood using their Pendo username and password.

1. Go to https://community.pendo.io.



2. Click Login.



3. Click Sign in with Pendo to use your Pendo credentials instead of creating a new account.



4. Allow Bevy to verify your identity with Pendo.



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the subscription admin hasn't allowed OAuth?

You can try to login using Sign in with Pendo but after entering your Pendo credentials you'll see an error message instead of the option to allow bevy to verify your identity. Contact your subscription admin and ask them to enable OAuth for Bevy.



How does OAuth work if I have access to multiple subscriptions?

OAuth only needs to be enabled in one of your subscriptions. Bevy and Pendo verify OAuth access at the subscription level and verify the identities of every user in that subscription.

There is a dropdown menu that lets you to switch subscriptions on the step where you allow Bevy to verify your Pendo identity if necessary.