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Title Description Topic(s)
Verifying Your Pendo Installation Learn how to use your browser's developer tools to verify your Pendo installation. Web
Installing Pendo in Multiple Environments Learn why and how to install Pendo in multiple environments (staging and production) and how to configure subscription and installation settings. Web
Installing Pendo Feedback via the Snippet Learn how to install and configure Pendo Feedback via the Pendo installation snippet, including the suggested metadata fields to add at the visitor and account level. Feedback


Visitor & Account Data

Title Description
Avoiding & Resolving ID Collisions Learn why globally unique identifiers are important for preventing visitor and account ID collisions, what problems ID collisions can cause and how to resolve them.
Anonymous Visitors: Overview Learn how to collect usage data and display guides for anonymous visitors.
Monthly Active Users: Overview (1 of 3) Learn how to review your Monthly Active Users (MAUs) metric in your Pendo subscription
Monthly Active Users: Exclude/Include List (2 of 3) Learn how to use the Exclude/Include list to ensure your internal users are not counted towards the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) metric.
Monthly Active Users: Anonymous Visitors (3 of 3) Learn how anonymous visitors are counted towards the Monthly Active Users (MAU) metric. You'll also learn how to make changes, if necessary.


CSS Rules & Tagging

Title Description
Tagging Pages in Pendo with Multiple Page Rules Learn how to add additional page rules within Pendo, test a URL against a page rule and use the Visual Designer in your application to check if a page or iFrame is tagged.
Using HTML and CSS With Pendo Learn how Pendo uses HTML and CSS for feature tagging and guide targeting. This video includes a short demonstration of the Pendo Designer and Pendo Tagging Aid Chrome extension.
Identifying Dynamic CSS Selectors Learn how to identify if dynamic CSS selectors are being used for feature tagging and guide targeting in Pendo, and how to use other selectors for longer term stability.
Tagging Features with Dynamic CSS Selectors Learn best practices for tagging features using dynamic CSS. This video will demonstrate how to use starts-with, ends-with and contains rules to write more flexible CSS selectors.



Title Description
Creating Multi-Page Walkthrough Guides Learn two strategies for building guides that automatically advance as a user moves to a new page in your application.



Title Description Topic(s)
Salesforce Integration Setup (1 of 3) Learn how the Pendo Salesforce integration is designed, plan how to map your Pendo and Salesforce data, and set up the initial connection Salesforce
Salesforce Integration: Pulling Data Into Pendo (2 of 3) Learn how to pull Salesforce data into Pendo as visitor or account metadata for better segmentation and how to do some troubleshooting. Salesforce
Salesforce Integration: Pushing Data Into Salesforce (3 of 3) Learn how to push Pendo usage data back into Salesforce. This can be valuable for teams who primarily work in Salesforce but still want access to the data being collected by Pendo. Salesforce
Introduction to the Pendo API (1 of 4) This video provides a high level overview of accessing the Pendo API, including how to generate a Pendo integration key. API
Introduction to the Pendo Reports API Endpoint (2 of 4) Learn how to use the Pendo API to retrieve Pendo visitor and account report contents as a CSV or JSON file. API
Introduction to the Pendo Aggregation API Endpoint (3 of 4) Learn how to use the aggregation endpoint of the Pendo API to retrieve usage analytics data from your Pendo subscription programatically. API
Using the Pendo API at Scale (4 of 4) Learn how to utilize all parts of the Pendo API to programmatically retrieve Pendo data at scale. API