Visitor Activity

Viewing an individual visitor's activity in your apps provides a clear picture of how they're using your apps and if your guides are influencing their behavior. The Visitor Activity side panel shows product and guide usage for a single visitor on a single day. Access Visitor Activity on the Visitor Details page, where you can also see Visitor Details and the Visitor Timeline. Visitor Activity lets you investigate a single user's behavior while you research a workflow or troubleshoot a customer issue.




  • All Pendo users can see Visitor Activity


View Visitor Activity

Visitor Activity shows a chronological list of the features, pages, track events, and guides a visitor interacted with in one day. Filters allow you to filter the list by app, product elements, or a custom search. You can see what the visitor did in one app or across all of your apps.


Click View Activity to open the Visitor Activity side panel on the Visitor Details page for any visitor. Visitor Details also contains details for their usage and metadata, total time in app values, a chart showing activity over time, poll responses, and timeline charts.





  • Day - Activity is only visible for a single day.
  • App - View activity for all apps, web only, mobile only, or a single app.
  • Product Elements - View tagged features, pages, or track events, untagged pages, and guide events. Select all or any combination of events.
  • Search - Search event names in the selected day. This is helpful is your naming conventions group certain combinations of elements.


Filtering product elements hides the unselected elements in the activity feed. Click Items hidden to expand the list and see any filtered elements.



No activity to display


A prompt indicates when there are no events to display. This can be caused by restrictive app or search filters eliminating all events or selecting a day with no visitor activity. Visitor Details and Timeline show when the visitor used your apps. Change the filters to a day and app when there is activity. When troubleshooting a blank activity feed, keep in mind that Visitor Details and the Activity side panel can have different filter settings .