Global Event Properties

Pendo continuously captures your visitor's activity in your app and stores it as raw events. These events record all of the visitor and account metadata you pass through in your installed snippet. Events also store details about the device and browser used when the event is captured. These additional details are called global event properties. They are usable in reports and segments to target or analyze how your users are using your app over time. Global event properties are available for feature, page, track events, and guide events.

Device and browser usage in global event properties are not the same as the default metadata fields "Most recent browser name" and "Most recent operating system". Metadata shows the value in the last event processed by Pendo. Global event properties show the value at the time the event was stored for every event ever. This allows analysis with global event properties to show historical values and provide context for how the user was using your app when the feature, page, track event, or guide event was recorded.


Device Properties

Web Apps

  • Browser Name
  • Browser Version
  • Device Type
  • Operating System


Mobile Apps

  • Device Model
  • OS Version
  • Device Type
  • Operating System
  • App Version - Customer app version
  • SDK Version - Pendo SDK version



  • All Pendo users can see global event properties


Device Properties in Data Explorer

Event properties in Data Explorer are used to group your analysis by common values. The Group By field in the query builder includes all global event properties and custom event properties when available.


Group By for web events



Group By for mobile events


Grouping by a device property shows the breakdown of events for the target segment and date range with subtotals for the each value for that property. For example, grouping page view events by device type shows a drilldown of how many views were generated on desktop, tablet, mobile devices, or bots.


Grouping a mobile feature click event by OS version shows the number of clicks generated in each.


Device Properties in Segments

Event properties in segments are used to increase the specificity of your target segments in analytics. Create more specific segments that filter for users that have used or not used feature click, page view, track events, or guide events with certain device properties. Segments with event properties cannot be used for guide targeting.


Segment for all visitors who have clicked the Add New Button once on a tablet in the last 30 days