First Time Page Views in a Segment

Hello, I am trying to create a segment that will allow me to identify users who have viewed a page for the first time. I need to create a funnel of our setup flow, but a user could come back to the same page post-setup to make changes to their settings. Since those are users that have already been successful once, they will presumably be able to make it through the funnel a second time and skew the Advanced numbers up. I am only interested in the first time sometime tries to complete the funnel.





  • Nick DeLessio would something like this work? 

  • Angus Yang unfortunately that only shows me people that have ever gone through the flow one time. So if you go through it again to edit something, you would not show up in the first-time setup funnel.

    I guess I could figure out how many people went through the funnel 2+ times and then manually add them to the count for each step in the funnel using the segment you suggest. I just hoped Pendo would have a better way of handling this, it seems like a pretty common use case.


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