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I have a URL that I don't think I will be able to tag. I'm hoping for any tips anyone might have.


The "20" after the /report/ changes based on the customer viewing the page so i need to ignore that. A wildcard won't work as I understand them as it will remove everything after the / and those other parameters define which report is being displayed. Does anyone have any ideas on how i might make this work? 



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  • So, you might actually be in a fine state.  The "?" character in the URL indicates the start of a series of "Query Parameters" in the URL that are separate from the path elements.  So the following rule should work for your URL:


    This will accept the provided example, but a few other variations as well with relation to the query parameters 'reportId' and 'reportName'.  If you want to specify that there will always be a 'reportId' or 'reportName' value within the URL, or even specify the values of these parameters, then you could do so with some variation like the following:


    Accept any URL that matches the path AND contains a query parameter for 'reportId' (value ignored)


    Accept any URL that matches the path AND contains 'reportId' that must equal "63" AND contains 'reportName' (value ignored)

    If you'd like further detail on this, you can review our help documentation here.  It can also be helpful to make use of our 'Test Rule functionality within your Page Tags in the Pendo UI.


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