Organizing Guides for Customer Viewing

In the Resource Center, we have three Guide List Modules we target to different segments of our user base (ex. one for Teapot Makers, one for Teapot Painters, and one for Teapot Quality Checkers).

The Guide List Module for Teapot Makers lists a number of guides the makers can click on to view a video and corresponding documentation for how to make their teapots.  The issue we're running into is there are 35ish guides for this process, and presenting the makers with a full list is very overwhelming.  While we have implemented the Search feature for the Module, we're trying to figure out a way to sort the guides into categories that the makers can select so they aren't overwhelmed by choices.

For example:

  1. Maker clicks on the Resource Center
  2. Maker clicks on the "Teapot Maker Resources" Guide List
  3. Maker is presented with five categories: "How to Build a Teapot," "How to Fire a Teapot," "How to Fix a Broken Teapot," etc.
  4. Maker clicks on the "How to Build a Teapot" category, and the caret opens to reveal the guides available in that category.

We've set up something like this using the Code Sandbox for documents/videos that have permanent links, but haven't found a solution for the Guides.  We'd love to hear if anyone else has made something like this work, and how!



  • Hi Kayla Hambek,

    Can you post some images of what you want to achive or any example.

  • Something like this, but with Guides.  The Setup & Configuration header can collapse.

  • Can you send me the link to the image above to check it in live environment Kayla Hambek

  • I'm not clear on what you're asking for, but I'm unable to send links from our environment.  We created the above using HTML in one of the Code Snippet modules (linking out to external content), but are unable to do the same with the Guides because the Guides don't have links.  We were just wondering if someone else had accomplished this in their environment.


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