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We have a product tour that launches from a text badge. If a user closes the tour using the Close button or by clicking outside of the path, the tour is dismissed as we would hope, so the next time they arrive on the page, the tour is closed and they have to click the badge to restart it. This is the behavior we want.

The problem we are facing though, is if a user navigates away from the page mid-walkthrough, when they come back, the walkthrough picks up where they left off. This behavior is not what we want. We want the walkthrough to "reset."

Does anyone know how to force a walkthrough to restart/reset on page load?



  • Hi scott hendren are these guides interactive i.e user is required to click on any feature to move to the next step or are they non interactive i.e user just have to click on the next button in the guide to go to the next step.

    If they are non interactive then you can use the code block to dismiss the guide if the user goes out of the guide box to auto dismiss the full journey, the code is provided here.

  • Thanks Rohit but no, this is not the issue I have. I'm talking about a user who literally leaves our app without closing the guide.

    Think of a multi-step guide. You are a user who has logegd into our app, and we present a multi-step guide. You see step 1, click the Next button and are now on step 2, which is pointing at a specific icon in our app. You then just close your browser - you haven't interacted with anything in Step 2 or clicked anything in that app - you just close the browser. When you open our app and log in again. the mutli-step guide, because it was never closed out, will open on step 2 pointing at that same icon.

    I need the multi-step guide to revert to step 1 in this scenario - force it to start over.

  • You are correct scott hendren, the code I have pointed you to will dismiss the guide the moment the user goes out of the guide area (moving the mouse cursor out of the guide area even for closing the tab means the same) this is step 1.

    Step 2 would be to update your targeting segment to make the guide re-appear to the same users again if they have dismissed the guide at any step.

  • Thanks again Rohit, but that still won't do it. Each step of the multi-step guide is in a different location than the previous (we are highlighting different areas of the screen). We can't dismiss the guide by moving away from a given step or they would never be able to access subsequent steps. This script doesn't seem to work on the interim steps - the step doesn't load. 

    I've used this script for other purposes, but it doesn't help this specific case. What I really need is basically a script in each step that does the following:

    • OnPageLoad (Check Step#)
    • If Step# != 1, GoTo Step 1



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