How to measure user activity in the first 90 days

We are trying to find the average number of logins per user in the first 90 days of their first login. We would love to see the avergae number per user but also the number of logins at the individual (visitor) level.



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  • Rachel Schwab - Did you find a solution? If so can you share?

    I'm doing something similar, but simpler, so I thought I'd post my thought process on your question in case it is helpful for anyone else or if anyone else has other suggestions.

    If I was trying to do exactly what you're doing, I think I'd probably:

    1. Build some Segments for cohorts of visitors that logged in during a certain time period for my sample (e.g. visitors with first login 100 days ago, 120 days ago, 140 days ago, etc until you get a big enough data set to be useful).
    2. Create a Visitor report:
      - Include a column for the number of logins
      - Set date range for each Segment cohort to first login of the cohort + 90 days
    3. Export to a CSV (or using a connected data warehouse/BI tool)
    4. Repeat for all your cohorts
    5. Run some calculations.

    I would be surprised if this can be done directly in Pendo but if someone knows how, please share!


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