When to expect a webhook to be triggered for new visitors?

We're testing webhooks for new accounts & visitors.

This is a brand new site, and *after* setting up the webhook, I asked a number of staff to visit the site (all first time visitors). It's been a few hours now, and the webhook URL hasn't received any traffic for new visitors.

However, when we create an event, the webhook gets a ping within 60 seconds or so of the event.

The webhook is set to "All event categories".

How long should we wait for a new user webhook before troubleshooting? (Also, is there any logging of webhooks being triggered?)

Thank you!



  • Hi Nathan,

    Generally speaking, you should see the webhooks trigger very quickly (in a test I just did, within a few seconds).  There is no logging at the individual event level that you would be able to leverage, so my suggestion would be to first ensure that the visitors would not fall under one of your Exclusion lists.  This is often something that catches people when you're in the testing phase as many customers filter out internal visitors.  If after confirming that and reviewing the rest of the webhook documentation, you still see issues, please submit a ticket to the support team.

  • Hi Nathan,

    I did.  I created a new visitor on my test site and it triggered both on my "All event categories" webhook as well as the one set to just new visitors. 

  • My approach wasn't that dissimilar.  I have a test site where Pendo initializes automatically and then I used the developers console to identify a new visitor like this:

        "visitor": {
            "id": "testVisitor2023.01.04"

    I just set up a Codepen account and I'm not seeing any webhooks come through for that either.  I can't say why that would be off the top of my head, but I'd suggest you try your tests on a localhost or some other dev platform.

  • Thanks Alisyn. To be clear, you tried a "New Visitor" event? I have poll and guide-view events that are working in a few seconds. The only one I can't get to work is the "New Visitor" trigger.

  • Sorry to belabor this, but how did you do it?

    I created a quick page (code below) and the users show up in the Visitors report and raw data logs, so I assume it’s working, but maybe there’s a wrinkle I’m not considering?

    Appreciate the help so far!

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
              (function(p,e,n,d,o){var v,w,x,y,z;o=p[d]=p[d]||{};o._q=o._q||[];
        <title>Hello Pendo!</title>
          var pendoid = "...";
          var visitorID = "actual user 4";
          var accountID = "actual account 4";
            apiKey: pendoid,
            visitor: {
              id: visitorID,
              name: "Test User",
              organization: "Test Organization",
            account: {
              id: accountID,
              name: "Test Account",
  • Codepen seems to have some cross domain scripting restrictions. I have also tried it locally and with other developer tools. 

    In any case: really appreciate your help! A ticket has been placed, since I think I have exhausted the things I can try.

    (For future readers, note the code above from Alisyn should be "pendo.initialize". I will not embarrass myself by telling you how many times I tried to get that to work 😀)

  • Ah, yes, thanks for that clarification and apologies for sending you down a rabbit hole.  On my test site, Pendo had already been initialized so I was just using pendo.identify to create a new visitor on the fly!  

    Hopefully support will be able to look into your specific situation and get everything sorted out quickly.


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