Email NPS to non-app users too

If I include the email field meta data from SFDC to Pendo (apparently updates nightly) will my Pendo emailed NPS surveys also go to non-in-app users too? I want to use one NPS survey methodology for in-app and non-app users so we can aggregate all the data/feedback in one place to get apples/apples comparisons. Right now we only send email NPS surveys from SFDC via Pardot so our completion rate is low, having in-app NPS will be a game changer but we don't want to manage two systems. 



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  • Hey Nicky Schardt

    As long as those visitors exist in Pendo with the email metadata field, then you can use the NPS in-app + email option. What this will do is once a visitor becomes eligible, then they will have 14 days to see the survey in the app, if they don't then they get an email with the NPS survey. The key things to make sure of are:

    1. The visitor must exist in Pendo.
    2. If you are using SFDC to populate the email metadata field, then you need to make sure that there is a unique matching identifier for your contacts/visitors between Pendo and SFDC.
    3. They must fall into the segment you're using for NPS



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