Tech Note: Does Pendo have a way to detect / exclude bots from our visitor activity?

UPDATE: Please see this article instead: Bot activity in your usage data

No, Pendo does not have an automated way to differentiate bot activity from actual users of your product. However we do have existing feature requests related to this, and you can vote for specific requests by following the instructions here:  How to submit Feedback

At the moment, common methods we've seen other customers use are:

  • If you notice bot activity coming from a specific IP address, add it to the Exclude List
  • If you notice particular visitor IDs with abnormally high event counts and suspect bots, you can either add specific Visitor IDs to the Exclude List or mark them as "Do Not Process (GDPR)" in Pendo. 

As a reminder, the Exclude List means that Pendo will still continue to collect events and show guides, but the excluded events will only appear in the 'Excluded Accounts & Visitors' segment in Pendo. The Exclude List can only be modified within the Pendo UI. 

On the other hand, marking a visitor (or account record) as "Do Not Process (GDPR)" means Pendo will stop collecting events from and will stop displaying guides to that visitor (or account). The "Do Not Process (GDPR)" flag can be modified within the Pendo UI on individual records, or set via the API




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