Highlighting the new feature with a badge for all users

We are looking for a stable way to highlight new features on the page with the badge:

1. Select a page URL by a wildcard

2. Select a component (button, menu) to add a badge to

3. [optional] Set the expiration date for the campaign, so the badge will not be shown at the end

4. Ability to dismiss the badge so the user won't see it the next time

5. Show the badge to all users during the campaign period (if it is not dismissed)

- avoiding Ad-Blocker issue

- 100% reaching all users (no limits, show to the user on a first-page visit)


Is it possible to achieve this with Pendo? Mostly, #5 is the main question.

- does CNAME approach help with Ad-blocker?

- are there any priorities, limits, or quotas of showing badges (custom guides?) so not all users would see the badge on first visit? Can we assume that the guide is shown without constraints if the throttling is disabled for exactly this guide? And this can be configured for multiple guides at the same time


thank you




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