Can we track time on page across time for visitors or acconts?


We want to see how much users or accounts are actively using a page measured by time. Is there a way that we can do that in Data Explorer or such and add it to a dashboard? The only solution so far that I have is to export an Account report while switching the dates but that is not very scalable (and sadly the date picker is not super user friendly).



  • Hi all - is this still not possible? 


    Daniel Pena - I think this is what you're looking for.

  • Greg Nutt I don't know how to tag our TAM (Richard Walter), but maybe you can help us?  :) 

  • Hey Rachel Lu!  Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible (if I'm reading the ask correctly).  Average Time on Page is calculated as an aggregate of the time filter for a view (i.e. Last X Days) and so it isn't natively calculated on a daily basis for trending purposes.  The only values that can be trended are found within the drop-down above the data element selection.

    I would recommend submitting this as a Feedback request if one has not yet been submitted.


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