Can you track different URL clicks in a single event?

Hi all! I'm wondering if I can set up an event similar to "Outbound Link Click" from Google Analytics, or to track all link clicks to a certain external url (our knowledge-base site) in a single event? 

I know I can tag link clicks as a feature with properties like "Href=" but can I collect all click information in a single event? Basically I'd like to paramaterize/wildcard the end of the URL so that I'm getting all clicks to the knowledge base URL. Is that possible?



  • Hello Brittany Perna - I think I would attempt this using Feature Click Event Properties.  This will allow you to tag, say any link that takes you to (e.g. [href^=""] ) and create an Event Property to capture the full href upon feature click.

    Would this satisfy your needs?

  • Hi Greg Nutt, that may have worked! Pendo at least accepted the selector type. However, no event properties are coming through. I set the event property to be baseURI to see which page people were on when they clicked the link, and then href to see which URL they clicked, but no data is flowing through after 2 days.

    None of the general event property data that Pendo pushes (browser type, etc) is flowing through either FWIW. But visitors, accounts, and clicks data is coming in. Any thoughts on that?

  • It's good that you're at least collecting data.  I do know the Click Event Properties can be a little tricky to configure properly, but I am far from an expert, unfortunately.  My best recommendation would be to reach out to your CSM or our Support Team to see if they could take a look at it with you to make sure the configuration is set correctly.

  • Figured it out: 


    Those attributes aren't automatically created. I need to add them by going into the Subscription settings then Agent Settings. 

  • Excellent!  I'm glad you were able to figure it out.


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