calculated measures in the data explorer? or in features? or ... ?

My application has a shape/tile/widget/dealie -- let's call it Thing 1.  It's possible to click on Thing 1.  Within Thing 1, there are also a couple of icons that a user could click on -- let's call them Icon A and Icon B. 

I would like to identify the clicks on Thing 1 that were not clicks on Icon A or Icon B. Is there a good way to do this within Pendo?

Conceptually, I'm looking for:

(clicks on Thing 1) - (clicks on Icon A) - (clicks on Icon B)

Is there a good way to see this or do this within Pendo? 



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  • Hi Ashley Renlund,

    Do you have each tile labeled as a feature? If you have labeled icon A and Icon B as their own features, it can be comparable in a chart and you can export to calculate the difference of the feature clicks for Thing 1.


    Let the community know if you need more help or have more context!


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