Renaming Pages & Deleting (what does it do?)

  1. On this page, I want to rename my tagged page ( I don't see a way to do this. Is there a way?
  2. I've also tried to delete the page so it shows back into my untagged pages so that I can add it again with a new name ( Once I deleted the page, nothing happens. Now I'm afraid this data is gone. How do I untag something if I made a mistake?


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  • Hi Bryan! You can rename a page from the Page Details view

    If you delete a page tag, you can still go back to the Visual Design Studio ("Manage Pages In-App") to tag it as a "new" page. Because Pendo has retroactive analytics, even if you delete a page or feature tag, you'll still be able to re-tag it and get usage data dating back to when the Pendo snippet was first installed in your app. And if you need help re-tagging the page properly, check out this help article about URL rules for page tagging.


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