Launching the Pendo designer for Electron applications

Our web application is hosted in an electron app

Did anyone succeeded launching the pendo designer in order to create in-app guides when running in Electron framework?




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    Electron apps do have a slightly different process for launching the designer. To launch the designer you'll need to open the Developer Tools through the Electron app (note your Electron app can have the Dev tools suppressed but you'll need a version with it enabled to launch the designer). 

    Once Dev Tools is opened and you're on the Console tab you can run

    This will then open the designer and then login to Pendo.

  • This is a common blocker so it’s important to work closely with the individuals responsible for coding the Electron application so that you can avoid these potential obstacles.

    • Cookies, authentication tokens, visitor credentials, and locally stored files from Electron apps cannot be shared with the web browser and vice versa
    • The Pendo Designer cannot be launched using the ‘Manage In App’ button within Pendo.
    • Instead, the Pendo Designer will have to be launched via the Developer Console using this command: window.pendo.designerv2.launchInAppDesigner()
    • Additionally, the Electron app must be using a newer version of Chrome, so that it can render newer CSS capabilities such as flexbox, CSS grid, etc.


    Verify that you can open the Developer Console

    • Electron apps may have hidden hot key sequences to open the developer console
    • Sometimes you can only open the developer console for a non-production version of the application


    Opening Pendo Designer

    • Pendo Designer has to be able to open in the Electron app instead of opening in another browser window.
    • If there is custom behavior to modify links in Electron apps, which forces the link to open in a new browser tab/window, that can prevent the Pendo Designer from Launching
    • To resolve this, one option is apply logic for new window link requests. If it’s from Pendo, open the link in Electron (instead of in Chrome or another browser)
    • Also look for any code that might block the Pendo Designer from appearing over the Electron
      application. Below is a code example

  • Just to confirm, is this still officially supported?


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