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Does Pendo allow the ability to track device type on page visits. I am looking at identifying mobile device screen size when customers visits various pages.



  • Pendo certainly can tell you if the device is mobile or desktop.  But I would love to see something more granular like what exactly is the screen size or screen resolution.  C'mon Pendo this is basic stuff we're asking for here.  Google Analytics has been doing it for years.

  • You can actually track the screen size using click events on a Feature. Select a Feature that a lot of your users will click (since it only records when they have clicked).

    Then inside Tagging the Feature

    Open up Event Properties and select +Event Property

    On Event Properties make sure that you name it something that is unique - it will collect this data for you but you don't want to overwrite the data from one feature to the next. Then after naming it I use "myapp_screenheight" as an example of a unique name (it also helps me know which part of the size I'm collecting. 

    Then select Advanced JS

    Then type in screen and a period (this will allow you to choose from a long list or continue typing). Choose height (or type it)

    Hit apply and it will start gathering this information on every click.

    To get the width, add another click event to the same Feature, and choose screen.width 

    After it's collected data, you can find your screen size columns on the Feature in the "Event Breakdown" section.

  • Could not get this to work for me.

    The Feature window I see does not include nay JS options.

    Any Ideas on how to solve this?


  • I could only choose one width and one height in this example :( any help?

  • Hi Gadi Freedman,

    On the Feature window have you clicked on + Event Property? Once the Event property window loads you should be able to select Advanced JS. If it's not showing you may need to check your Pendo subscription to see if it allows JS usage.


    Hi Carolina Nonato

    The example I gave only shows you how to get the screen width and screen height. There are other things you can collect using JS, but those are primarily what I need to report on screen size. What else are you trying to capture?

  • Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your reply.

    This might be a subscription-level issue as I don't see the JS options in the Advanced window.



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