What does "Unknown is Used" mean under People > Segments > Rules?

Hi everyone,

I am doing some cleanup of our Pendo environment and I'm going through Segments, currently. When I look at the Segments list, I see a number of segments with a rule of "Unknown is Used." It sounds like this means that the Feature or Page that was tagged has been deleted. Am I interpreting this correctly?

We're also currently cleaning up and deleting some old Feature and Page tags, so it'd make sense if that's what was going on, but I wanted to confirm, as the Segment article isn't explicit on this.





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  • Got an answer from a colleague who I didn't realize had Pendo experience. Posting here in case it is helpful to someone else with the same question.

    She said:

    When you remove a tag or segment, it will not delete anything that uses this information but will disconnect and list unknown since it is gone.


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