Launch URL from the Resource Center

I want to set up my resource center in a manner where the click of an item in the resource center opens a link in a new tab.

Is there some custom code I can add in the resource center sandbox to configure this?




  • Hi, I'm interested in this use case.
    Did you find a solution? 

  • Same here

  • Shreyas Ravishankar Kevin Halladay-Glynn Marine Maillet.  

    Here is the solution I created to handel multiple usecases.

    • To make external links available as a module in the RC home screen itself and once you click it opens in a new tab and closes the RC automatically.
    • Launch a guide on the same page where you are from RC and then close the RC on launch of the guide automatically.
    • Launch a guide on a different page in your appilication using dynamic permalink feature in the same tab and upon launch closing the RC automatically.

    You just need to add a new codeblock to your RC and input the code below to make it, add a control segment and boom it ready for use.

    (function resourceCenterOpenURL() {
        if (!pendo.designerEnabled) {
          document.getElementById('pendo-resource-center-container').setAttribute('style', 'display:none');


          /* Replace with your desired external URL */
  "", '_blank');
            /* Uncomment below if you want to trigger to a guide on the same page & replace the guide_id_here within the quotes */

          /* Uncomment below if you want to go to another page in the same tab and then trigger a guide using guide permalink feature then replace the guide_id_here value */
        //"", '_self');

    You can connect with me on LinkedIn for any other help


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