Can I aggregate events by custom data?

Hi, my SaaS has an entity named Workstream . It goes in the url like this /workstream/{workstreamId}/update

Users can create Workstreams and work on them. If a Workstream is not good, they will just work 20% of it, if the Workstream is good, they will work up to 80~100% of it. The Workstreams are not sequential, so they can work in multiple Workstreams in parallel and even take weeks to complete a Workstream .
My question is, how can I factor in the statistics about Workstreams completion?
some questions I'd like to answer is:
1. What is the rate of Users who had at least 3 Workstreams with +70% of work done? (those are very happy customers)
2. Which customers only had Workstreams with -30% work done? (sad customers)
3. What is the average, and median Workstream completion rate?
4. How long does it take for Users to complete 80% of a Workstream ?
Somethings I considered:
1. I can pass the current Workstream as an Event property. But there would not be a way to aggregate those statistics by Workstream .
2. Sending the % of completeness can be done, but would take effort to implement. Ideally I'd just pass events like "Workstream Created", "Workstream updated", etc...
3. Funnels almost got there, but the problem is that funnels are sequential. In my case there is not a particular order to complete the steps. But the worst is that I cannot differentiate events from a Workstream or another
Thank you!



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