Is it possible to include internal company users in dashboard to capture internal product metrices?

We have configured 1 web app in the company subscription. 

Internal company ID and users with company email domain are configured under "Excluded list"

We have a mix of external and internal products. With this configuration in place, I can only track visitors which are external.

Is there a way that I can configure a separate dashboard where I can include the internal company and email domain to capture the metrices from internal users facing product? (Without making changes on Excluded List)

Thanks in advance.




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  • Hello Shilpi,

    Unfortunately not.  The 'Exclude List' removes users' data from the analytics engine as a default.  There is the 'Excluded Visitors and Accounts' segment in some of the views, but this segment cannot be used for content on the Behavior or Dashboards tab.  If you would like to incorporate these internal users, you will need to remove them from the 'Exclude List'.



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