Tracking "backend" events in a single-page app

The first things new users do with our product are 1. connect to a data warehouse and 2. git repository, all on a single webpage (i.e. same URL). We'd like to build a step-by-step guide that takes users through onboarding based on doing 1 & 2, but we're struggling with the activation.
We had originally planned to use segments, but the problem is that we won't be able to sync the metadata quickly enough. E.g. if a user actually connects their data warehouse, our product backend/reverse ETL would have to sync warehouse_connected to Pendo immediately to place the user in a new segment (which is impossible).
We might be able to associate this to changes on specific elements on the page (a box that marks "success"), but I have some anxiety around the fact that we're not truly checking if the criteria have been met (i.e. we're using text-based tags as a proxy for "backend" information).
Does anyone have experience with something like this? Any expertise tracking in-app technical setup features / guides that would require rapid syncing with product backend attributes would be much appreciated.



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