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I've tagged features for a page in our product using the in-app design studio. I used the Suggested Match feature to assist in the tagging.  The majority of the tagged features are not showing any counts for views or clicks. The few that do have counts are very low and from a single day in December. The feature is being used in our app so there should be counts. What might be the cause of this? What are some troubleshooting things I can try. I've reviewed the help articles, but they are not as helpful as I would hope.

I am not an engineer so my language is limited to laymen terms. Any and all assistance is appreciated. 



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  • Hi Quentin,

    Without further detail as to what you're tagging or what rules you're using for the tag, it's hard to diagnose. I would recommend checking with a developer on your team to verify the rules. Perhaps you are using a coding framework that uses what are called dynamic classes, meaning they are element identifiers that change regularly. Oftentimes there's something better we can use to attach to the element such as a custom attribute in this case. Can you also double check that you have not accidentally enabled an Include List? This would mean every domain is excluded from showing data except maybe one, such as a development/staging environment where there is low usage. The final thing I can think of might be looking at your date range or segment to ensure you're not looking at a time frame prior to production install or using a segment of a small group of users.


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