One feature to many pages, how can I track this?

Hi there. Our product and engineering team build reusable components that can exist across multiple pages. The idea here is that we can re-use building blocks (components) to build pages faster after we've built them once.

Can we do something similar to track this in pendo? Scenario:

Let's say I have a buy button that exists on many different product pages. Is there a way to just target this common button inside of pendo, so that I can see which pages it was clicked on? Let's assume for this scenario I have the pages defined in Pendo. Is this possible? 

I am not seeing a way to do this in platform today, when I click on a feature, i'm not getting the page breakdown of where it was clicked. Do I have to manually tag a common feature on every page it appears on? 




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  • Hi Brent,

    When you tag a Feature, you have the option to mark it as "Sitewide" or "Only on this page". If you do the former, of course it will track clicks anywhere on your product where that specific CSS selector/element exists. If you do the latter, you would realistically have to tag it separately each time for each page. But it depends upon how you want to do your reporting. If you just tag it once as a Sitewide Feature, you could run a backwards Path with that Feature as the end point. You'd head to Behavior > Paths > select the Feature and change the operator to 'Leading To'. Expand the Advanced Options and change it to say "Show Pages Only". This will give you a path of the various directions people came from, showing pages only, right before using that feature.

    The situation where it would be worth while to tag that Feature to "Only on this page" would be if you want to do comparative usage from maybe one area of the product vs. another on a regular basis in something like Data Explorer. Nothing keeps you from tagging the same Feature multiple times, sometimes on just a specific page, sometimes Sitewide.


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