New Visitors not showing up in dashboard

We have had a number of new users signing up and visiting the platform over the past few days but they are not showing up in pendo. I checked the exclude list and they are not being filtered out either. Existing user information are still being tracked and updated into the dashboard. Are their sessions being blocked somehow?



  • I have also recently discovered that hundreds of users, for whom I have login record (from my back end) are not being created as Visitors in Pendo.  This is creating a big mess for reporting and analytics since we rely on Pendo for usage tracking.  Any help much appreciated!!

  • Did you ever get this resolved Ben? We are running into something very similar


  • Christian Arntsen - Not yet, but we are still working on it.  At first, Pendo support had us make some updates to CNAME records, but we still see the issue occur with some users who simply are ghosts in Pendo.  I know for a fact that they logged into may app since I have the server logs, but in Pendo, its like they never existed.  We are now working with Pendo support to record an HAR session while we impersonate the user to see if it is an issue with that account or if there could be some configuration on the end user browser side that is causing it.  I'd be a little surprised if was on the end user security side because the way the snippet communicates is a very common method that we employ for other stuff and that all seems to work.  It's troubling for sure.

  • Ben, did you ever get a resolution to this? I had something similar happening and I found that suddenly my snippet was firing faster than the metadata I was passing via GTM and therefore people were hitting as ANONYMOUS and I didn't have the "track anonymous" toggled on. I put the Pendo snippet on a 1 second delay on our login page and that fixed it. 


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