Image not showing up on Guide

Hi, I'm learning to use the Guide in Pendo. I selected a default layout that has an image on the guide, however, when I try to preview it, the image does not appear in the preview. Has anyone come across this issue? 

Caveat: I have 2 subscriptions, one has no issue rendering images, even the ones I uploaded, and the second subscription won't load the image from the default layout. Is the 2 subscriptions the problem? Thanks!



  • Hui Yeng Chang check your content security policies also refer to this documentation.

    CSP's can also cause issues when rendering images in the guide.

  • Hey. I'm an engineer on Hui Yeng's team and I've uncovered more on this issue. The problem here seems to be that Pendo is requesting images from a URL with a different SUB_ID from ours. The CSP "img-src" is enabled for our own SUB_ID but the console errors I'm seeing is for a different one. When I add that to the allowed CSPs, the images show up. Do you think this may be a bug?


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