Can I show a guide only when a specific feature is visible?

As the title suggests, I want to show a guide to users only when a given feature is displayed on the screen. If the feature is not available, I don't want the guide to appear.

Does anyone know how to trigger a guide based on element visibility?



  • You can set the first guide step to be associated with a specific element on the page and the guide will only present when that element is present.  It can be tricky to target this element, depending on how it displays.  But if you can get the CSS Selector, you can provide it as a Custom CSS rule during configuration.

  • Thanks Greg Nutt. What if I want the first step to be a mid-screen pop-up (not referencing the element visually)?

  • When you target an element with a step, you can set the location for the step to be "Centered", rather than "Relative to Element".  This ensures the Guide presents as a standard Lightbox guide but still ties the step to require the element to be present on the page.

  • What if I want the guide to appear only when a user scrolls down the page to the section that contains the target element? 


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