Guide only shows after page refresh

I have a guide for new users that only shows after the page refreshes. I am wondering if it has to do with identified users only I see on the segment, but this isn't something I can change. Any insight?



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    Hi Torie Mantzouranis- all guides a visitor is eligible for will load right away, but if they become eligible for new guides during a session (ex: a survey is targeted to users who clicked X feature 5 times, during a session our visitor clicks on the feature for the 5th time) the new guides will load after the next page load/refresh. Are any of the rules for the segment you've chosen dependent on things that are happening in real time?

  • Ash Cochran I am seeing the same as reported above. My guide does not have any rules associated with it though but time and time again users are not seeing the guide unless they refresh the page.

  • Hey Bella O'Brien the page load is the event that triggers them into that Segment aka the page loads THEN they are in the segment hence seeing the guide on the refresh. The work around is for you to click "Show Guides to anonymous visitors" under Sub Setting>App>App Details. Try that and let me know if it works!

  • Thanks Ash Cochran, that toggle is already on so not sure if there are additional steps I can take?

  • Hey Bella O'Brien- just checking to see if this issue was still happening? 


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