Guide draft preview does not get loaded

Hi all,

I am new to Pendo and, therefore, I may be missing some basic information. My trouble is that if I create a guide draft and attempt to preview it, it does not get loaded (please the attached screenshot). The message "Loading Guide" keeps hanging in the screen infinitely (until I quit the preview). As mentioned, the guide is in the Draft state. What am I doing wrong?





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    Hi Jan Mysak and Maddy Johnson! Could you check to make sure you only have the Pendo guide builder open on 1 tab? Sometimes having it open on multiple tabs will through an error here. 

  • I am also dealing with this issue, my guide does not activate on preview even if it does stop loading as well. 

  • Hi Ash,

    thanks for your input! I am opening the Pendo guide builder in a single web browser tab and the result is still the same. Is there anything else that may cause the issue?

  • Hi Maddy Johnson and Jan Mysak! Could you both open the console and screenshot the errors you see? You can email them to me as


  • How did this get resolved, guys? I am facing the same problem, Ash Cochran

  • Hi Chetan,

    The guide preview has started working for some time but now it doesn't work again. I don't know what influences it. I use another approach for testing my guides - I move the respective guide to the Staging state and then test it in the staging environment. In the guide settings, it needs to click on "Clear guide data" and then to refresh the page in the staging environment - and then the guide pops up.


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